About Wedding Shots Australia – Wedding Shots FAQ


wedding-cameraWelcome to Wedding Shots Australia. We are a family run business that specialises in capturing artistic, professional and beautiful wedding memories. We strive to keep the wedding photographic process as simple and enjoyableas possible. It is okay; you can mention the “w” word to us. We won’t suddenly increase our prices to compensate for the word “wedding”. We believe our philosophy is transparent and fair with no hidden costs or “love” tax. You tell us how many hours of photographic coverage you require and we give you an hourly rate. Pick your add-ons such as wedding albums and prints or don’t – it’s entirely up to you.

What makes us unique is our photographer and principal owner David, who has been photographing weddings full time for a number of years. He has a natural ability to be able to visualise and direct the perfect artistic wedding shot. His professional and easy going nature will make even the most camera shy person feel relaxed and at ease. A lot of the time you will not even notice his presence. It is only later when you view your gorgeous wedding photos that you will realise he has managed to sneak his way around capturing hidden photo gems.




How do you manage to keep your prices at a reasonable rate when compared to other wedding photographers?

We are a home-based business so we do not have the overhead costs of running a shop front or photographic studio. We do not employ excess staff so when you book your wedding photography with us you are assured of having David as your photographer. David’s photographic style is natural and informal capturing the full essence of your special day.

Why do wedding photographers charge so much money?

Your wedding may finish on the day but the task of completing your photos does not. There are several hours/days work after the event in downloading, sorting, editing and correcting photos that often number in the hundreds. Whilst you are on your honeymoon or just recovering from your wedding day we are reliving every wonderful moment in photographic detail.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

At Wedding Shots Australia, David has been photographing weddings full time for over seven years. The number of weddings totals 300+ and is rising. As with any other profession, you are paying for a person’s expertise. As such, be careful to ensure your wedding photographer is someone who does this as a full time career. There are many hobby or weekend photographers who are advertising their wares. Yes they may have photographed weddings before but do you really want to trust your wedding photos to a retail sales person who happens to tinker with a camera on the weekends?

Is there a minimum amount of hours to book?

No, we do not have a minimum charge but we would highly recommend that even the smallest of weddings require at least two hours of photographic coverage. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what memories you would like to capture of the day.

How do I book and when do I pay?

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to confirm your booking for the day. This can be paid via cash, cheque or EFT. The balance of money owing is not payable until we return to you your digital images. Yes that is correct, we do not need you to pay for our services upfront. We are confident in the quality of our work and are assured that you will love your wedding photos too. Full payment for add-ons is required at the time of placing the order. This is usually at the same time the digital images are returned to you.

How many photos will I receive?

The amount of images taken will vary depending on the travel and down time involved with each individual wedding but on average you can expect to receive approximately 70 to 100 images per hour. You receive every wedding photo taken on the day. Every image edited and also in black & white.