Is It Possible To Hire A Wedding Photographer For Under $2000?


The answer is yes! But does this mean you will get a below average wedding photographer?


In some instances, it unfortunately is the case. Wedding photographers are everywhere nowadays, with every man and his dog claiming to be a wedding photographer. Some wedding photographers are super cheap. These should generally be avoided unless you are prepared to take a gamble. If your wedding photography budget is below $2000 or even $1000, then there are some photographers who will be able to assist you and provide you with an excellent result. Wedding Shots photography offers simple hourly rates allowing you to cover the bare essentials for under $600!

What To Look For When Hiring An Affordable Photographer?

How does Wedding Shots Photography Melbourne Offer affordable Wedding Photography?

Sheer volume! Over the 2018/19 wedding season, Wedding Shots covered 95 weddings at an average cost of $1100. Other wedding photographers who charge a minimum of $5000 may only do 10 or so weddings a year because they are so expensive. This in turn means they increase their prices so as to make more money from fewer weddings. We have found that more and more couples are looking to reduce the cost of their wedding without reducing the experience or quality. Many wedding photography businesses employ numerous photographers to work on their behalf. Again, this leads to increase in their costs and overheads.

Melbourne Wedding Photographer is able to maintain affordable, cost affective wedding photography prices by providing Melbourne couples with only the things they need. Many wedding photography packages include a huge amount of add-ons that couples simply don’t want or need. Add-ons include such things as 300+ 6X4 photos, large expensive albums, etc. After speaking with couples over the past 10 years, the general consensus is that they will never look at them again. Melbourne couples seem to be after just a handful of beautiful wedding images to print out and hang on their walls.

There are a lot of wedding photographers in Melbourne that place massive markups on printing and preparation of images. When they combine their packages they claim that they are worth “X” amount of dollars. Yet take a closer look and a simple Google search will expose the true cost of doing the printing yourself.